The Audi S line - when did the sporting torch pass from BMW?

Audi S Line

You're a modern driver with modern driver needs - but you still want to have a vehicle that has the technology features and presence on the road that gives other drivers pause and reminds you what it's like to have fun every time you get behind the wheel and ignite the engine. This is the exact quality that comes standard across the Audi S Line series of vehicles.

Effectively engineered and sculpted to offer drivers every benefit that the vehicles of tomorrow should bring - today.

Now, what, precisely, the catalyst was that saw the shift from the Audi designs prior to the 1990s to the smooth-cornered and aerodynamic frames of that have followed them into the present is somewhat ambiguous - what we do know, however, is that the design key from which the modern lineup of Audi S Line vehicles began with the Audi S2.

Audi S Line

The S Line is known to have started as a direct result of the founding of the private subsidiary of Audi - that company, quattro GmbH, began operating in 1983 with the intention of creating high-performance Audi cars and components with specialized features and were inspired by the original four-wheel drive rally-inspired road car - the Audi Quattro.

Effectively, these performance-division vehicles are recognized for their advanced features and impressive looks - while also utilizing the existing brand - and can be compared to other such departments across Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volkswagen brands.

While the S Line cars are still produced in the same factories as the rest of the Audi brand, the individual parts are components are designed specifically by quattro GmbH - with identical performance figures with the exception of the Audi Q7 S line and the occasional exclusive offer.

Alongside the S Line, Audi has, somewhat confusingly, their "S" badge lineup. Recognizable by their vertical emphasis lines present on the front grills, the S Line have been some of the most successful models released by Audi - recognizing, at the same time, the RS line that was a direct result of a collaboration after the initial launch of the S Line with Porsche. All of the modern S Models come equipped with quattro four-wheel drive systems as well as a unique internal combustion engine with more practical brakes and stiffer suspension. Additional cosmetic changes emphasize the level differences including some styling choice changes and, in more recent options, carbon fibre interior trims.

Audi S Line

Introduced in 1990 as a sports version of the Coupé, this 2.2-litre in-line five-cylinder 20-valve engine-equipped car made effective use of the Audi Quattro format and opened up the market to a new wave of Audi vehicles.

These vehicles feature a more aggressive look, purposefully developed to be eye catching, often equipped with a deeper skirt and sports suspension. Over the years Audi has expanded their S Line segment, encouraging new models that address the needs and expectations of a driving audience consistently interested in more streamlined, performance-conscious, and technically effective vehicles - all of which continue to be found across the S Line product line. Learn more today at Gold Key Auto Group - and let us assist you in finding the Audi that has the look and the feel that fits your driving expectations today and far into tomorrow as well!