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Car dealers Chilliwack hybrid offerings

Air quality is one of the things that have put Chilliwack on the map. Therefore, all of the business ads for car dealers in Chilliwack are going to feature cars that emphasize fuel economy and have a smaller carbon footprint than most. When you do a search for 'car dealers Chilliwack' it is to your benefit to take a second look at the new generation of hybrids they carry, and the certified pre-owned generations as well.

Who makes hybrids?

Ten years ago if you looked up 'car dealers Chilliwack hybrids,' there would only be two major car manufacturers listed. These days, everyone has gotten in on the hybrid game. The tricky thing to realize is that not all cars that are labeled "hybrid" use the same technology. The search results for 'car dealers Chilliwack hybrids' is going to show you a list of all-electric, combined electric, fuel cell and combined fuel powered vehicles. There is even a new solar powered car that had a recent debut that is sure to make to the' car dealers Chilliwack hybrids' search results page in a few short years.

What are the differences between the different types of hybrids?

Hybrid technology is used in vehicles to increase their fuel efficiency and to reduce their carbon footprint. For some cars, the focus of the technology is all about fuel efficiency. Other vehicles use the hybrid technology to increase fuel efficiency but have to balance it against the purpose of the vehicle - such as trucks and SUVs. Other vehicles, notably the Chevy Volt, work to do away with any consumption of fossil fuel altogether. Hybrid electric technology allows a vehicle to use gas to start and give the vehicle extra power when it is needed, and uses electric power to maintain speed levels otherwise. For a light sedan, this results in the type of gas mileage seen in the Prius or Insight. These cars can get such great fuel economy because they are designed to drive on the road and transport passengers only, a very light payload. Vehicles such as the hybrid SUV, crossovers, and trucks will get improved mileage but their power needs are much greater than a passenger sedan. The all-electric vehicles are currently used for urban commuting, where distance driving is not going to occur and low speeds are the norm so they can dispose of gas altogether.

Is a hybrid right for you?

Very few people won't get any benefit from owning a hybrid. It can be an important part of helping Chilliwack stay on the global list of places with the best air quality. Not everyone is going to like the feel of driving some of the hybrids. Manufacturers are still refining the drive and transmission process in these cars so that they don't feel that different from a normal car. The fact is, although they may feel different, there is little to no difference in the performance and power they deliver. You may not want to invest in an all-electric vehicle if you are driving more than 90 miles a day, as that tends to be their limit before needing a charge.