Car Dealers White Rock

Finding good car dealers in White Rock

The problem with plugging in the phrase 'car dealers White Rock' in a search engine as a means to start shopping for your next vehicle is that you are going to get a ton of search results that either a) have nothing to do with the phrase 'car dealers White Rock,' or b) don't tell you anything about the car dealers White Rock reputation and business. For all the time saving wonder of the Internet, it can sometimes complicate something much more than it need be. We are conveniently located near White Rock - join us today and find out more about how the GoldKey Auto Group can make your life even better!

Why consumer rating sites may not be a good source for information

If you are trying to figure out what a car dealers White Rock reputation site is then you may have gone on to one of the consumer review sites to see what other people are saying about their experience with them. This isn't always the best and most accurate way to find out about car dealers White Rock reputations. Studies have shown something very interesting about the types of people who comment on businesses on the Internet, more often than not, it is people who have had a negative experience - or who are angry about something altogether unrelated who are most likely to post a comment. That means that if one person out of 100 had a bad experience, they will be the ones most likely to post a comment. Take everything you read online with a grain of salt.

Checking with the local license and business authorities isn't always a good source either

While calling in to check to see if there have been complaints against a business registered with the city is always a good idea, it also doesn't really accurately reflect the how the business operates. Most businesses take any formerly lodged complaint against them very seriously and act quickly to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, unlike licensed inspections for health and food safety, there is no do-over option that lets the business show they have changed. You may see a very serious complaint lodged against a dealership and have absolutely no idea that it led to a tremendous policy change by the dealership to make sure an incident like it never happened again. So if you can't really believe the consumer review sites and can't rely on the commerce agencies to have timely information, what can you do?

Believe it or not, follow or friend the dealership

Want to know if a car dealership is really good or not? Follow their social media accounts. How a business acts on social media is going to tell you an awful lot about how they do business and treat their customers. There are the occasional blips when an intern is hired who does inappropriate things with the account, but most savvy businesses know that how they interact with people online is what people are watching to form an opinion on them. So while you are busy cruising the Internet to find out the details about the vehicle you want, take some time to follow or friend the dealerships you might buy from and see what they are really like.

If you are trying to find good car dealers White Rock, look no further than Gold Key Auto Group. We have developed our reputation through years of being in business and helping customers find their perfect vehicle. Contact us to learn more or come to down to our dealership and visit us today!