Car Dealerships in Vancouver

Types of Used Car Dealerships

There are a number ofused car dealerships in Vancouver that you may come across when you are shopping for your new car. Each of these dealerships has different traits, which will help you when you are trying to decide between each of them. Let's take a look at some of the most common used car dealerships in Vancouverthat you will come across.

Used Car "Superstores." These used car dealerships in Vancouverare independent used car lots that are not part of a dealership. However, these superstores are part of larger companies - usually from a national or regional chain. These superstores are interesting because they don't allow negotiating (which is something that you will see from other used car dealerships in Vancouver), which means that you don't have the opportunity to haggle down the price. So, before buying at a superstore, you may want to look at their inventory online and compare their prices.

Specialty Used Car Lots.There are some used car lots that offer one type of car or another. This can differ: certain used car dealerships in Vancouver will focus on a particular brand of vehicle. Others will focus on a certain type (trucks, cars, etc). Others will only offer commercial vehicles, such as box trucks and cargo vans. Make sure that you check these out too; you may find used car treasures that you won't find anywhere else.

Consignment shops and pawn shops.Did you know that there are places that will stand in as a middle man for those who don't really want to deal with the stress and hassle of selling their car on their own? Even though these aren't technically "dealerships," you can still find a number of used cars there. Classic cars are what you will find most often, but on occasion you'll find a used vehicle that you will actually drive. Beware, however. It will probably cost more because there is someone else involved in the sale.

Self-Financing Car Dealerships.These are sometimes called "Buy here, pay here" lots. These lots are interesting because they take care of all of the financing on their own. However, they also hold a lot of power with this type of sale. They require people to come to the lot to pay their car payment so if they are behind on their payments, the car can get repossessed. Yikes! They claim that this practice is fairsince they're taking a big risk, but it's still uncomfortable.

Traditional Used Car Lots.There are, of course, traditional lots that you can visit as well. These lots have a number of different types of vehicles for you to choose from. They may offer warranties or financing and they allow you to negotiate down the price of the used vehicle that you are looking to buy.

Keep all of these facts in mind when you are looking for used car dealerships in Vancouver to buy your next vehicle.The type of dealership that you purchase from will make a difference when it comes to your final purchase.