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Car dealerships Vancouver - Financing options

Financing isn't something you only do for new car purchases. If you look under the 'car dealerships Vancouver' listings, you will notice that almost every ad features an offer for financing new and used cars. Not only are there more, high-quality used cars on the market today, but it has become more common to finance some or the entire price. Each business under the car dealerships Vancouver listings section will be able to offer some type of financing assistance. The trick is to pick the right one for you.

The buyer incentive program

Buyer incentive programs aren't always a discount given on the sticker price of a vehicle. Many of the ads in the car dealerships Vancouver category are for dealerships that represent a major brand, such as: Hyundai, Ford, or Honda.They may also represent several brands at once by being a part of an auto group. In either case, these car dealerships Vancouver businesses are able to offer buyer incentives that are defined by the manufacturer. A common incentive may be to upgrade the option package on a vehicle without changing the price. An option package may mean getting better quality interior cabin materials, upgraded onboard technology, or optional installation of a sun roof. They may offer to upgrade the trim as well. The trim style isn't about how the vehicle looks on the outside, sporty versus urban, but what has been included as part of the suspension to make the vehicle more functional in that environment. A sport trim or off road trim will feature heavy duty shocks and all-terrain tires.

Seasonal and end of year sales events

Another type of financing offered by car dealerships Vancouver businesses are direct discounts as part of a sales event. The most common sales even are the end of the year sales where the business needs to make room on their lot for the next year's model cars. These discounts can dramatically reduce the price of the vehicle and can take the form of a percentage discount off the sticker price.

The no money down event

Another form of indirect financing that is often combined with the seasonal and end of the year sales events is the use of the no-money-down incentive. These types of deals are designed to encourage you to finance the car through the dealerships lender by waiving the requirement for putting money down on the vehicle to get the financing deal. One catch to the no money down deal is that it is usually only available to those with excellent credit. If your credit is less than perfect, then the standard direct financing option will apply.

Standard, direct financing

Direct financing means you put a percentage of the total cost of the car down and then take a loan out to cover the rest. These loans are usually offered by auto financing companies rather than banks, although you can get them through a bank as well. They are short term, low amount loans. This allows them to be offered to people with a wider range of credit scores than loans such as a mortgage.

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