History of Audi "S Line"

History of Audi's

A household name, Audi makes looking good seem easy.

The brand, founded in 1932, has seen its share of transformations over the years, with the commitment to quality engineering and producing impeccable style guides only improving over the years. Refining, if you would, to embody a segment of the automotive industry where it has very little competition.

But we're here to talk about the history of Audi's performance-developed line of "S-line" branded vehicles. Now, it should be simple enough to reference the fact that the Audi "S-line" refers to a trim specification that has been optimized for a sporty appearance.

While it may seem a little confusing (at the very least we can understand if it comes across as confusing) the S-line and the S-branded vehicles are not, necessarily, the same thing. S badge vehicles come equipped with the trademark quattro four-wheel drive system. These are further complemented by Audi's unique engine design, responsive suspension, and a carbon fibre interior trim that separates them from others that claim, but often fail, to reflect the same relevance to the class.

History of Audi's

All of the parts and components are still manufactured at the same manufacturing plant as standard and related models which is not the case for the high-performance S and RS models. However, the S models, those high-performance marvels that are easy to spot on the road, offer plenty of personality. Likewise, the RS models are produced as high performance options taking their name from German: RennSport, which translates to racing sport.

RS are recognized as the highest-performance level of the Audi brand. Often pioneering technology that will only be made available on the rest of the brand years later. Highly-effective, and impressively designed for performance and performance alone. This means that the cabin is often sparsely decorated in contrast to the rest of the brand to emphasize the sports-centric angle and intention.

That said, the S-line benefits from all the advancements made in the top-tier vehicle levels. So while the S-line aren't, themselves, a different breed and instead simply a different trim level on a specific model, there's a lot of time and effort allocated to these impressive options. The difference, for those unfamiliar with the badging convention, comes down an S-line badge somewhere (often on the front grille) of the vehicle in question.

History of Audi's

S line specific trim levels see their parts designed and produced by quattro GmbH in the Neckarsulm factory, however, the assembly process is very much handled by the relevant AUDI AG production lines as standard models, which is not the case for "S" and "RS" models which are made by quattro GmbH specifically.

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